Product Specification

Description:1U rack mount
CPU:Intel Celeron M 1.86GHz
System Memory:1GB DDR2 SDRAM
HDD Interface:3.5
Ethernet:GbE x 2
Dual DOM(OS Redundancy):Yes
USB2.0 (as host):USB 2.0 x 6 (Target x 1)
USB (as Target):Yes
USB 3.0 (as host):-
PCI/PCIe slot:-
Card Reader:-
10Gb NIC(optional):-
Network Protocol/ Services:TCP/IP,CIFS/SMB, AFP, NFS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP,FTP-SSL/TLS,DHCP Server,DHCP Client, SNMP
Supported Web Browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 7 & 8 or higher
  • Firefox 3 or higher
  • Safari 3 & 4 or higher
  • Google Chrome 4 or higher
On-line register and information delivery:Yes
Supported Clients:
  • •Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Server 2003/2008 R2
  • •Apple Mac OS X
  • •Linux & UNIX
Virtual applications:
  • -
Supported Windows 2008 Hyper-V:Yes
Citrix XenServer:Yes
File System:
EXT4:Yes(Firmware v5.00.04 or above)
Disk Management:
RAID Levels:
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10,JBOD
  • Supports Multiple RAID modes(Up to 3)
On-line Migration:Yes
On-line Expansion:Yes
SMART Info:Yes
SMART Test:Yes
Bad Block Scan:Yes
Disk spin-down:Yes
Global hot spare:-
Disk roaming:Yes
iSCSI target:Up to 10 iSCSI targets (Firmware v3.01.00 or above)
iSCSI Thin Provisioning:Yes
MPIO:Yes(Firmware v5.00.04 or above)
Clustering:Yes(Firmware v5.00.04 or above)
SCSI3 persistent group reservation:Yes(Firmware v5.00.04 or above)
Network Redundancy:
Balance-XOR:Yes(Firmware v3.01.01 or above)
Balance-TLB:Yes(Firmware v3.01.01 or above)
Balance-ALB:Yes(Firmware v3.01.01 or above)
System Management:
LCD Display:Yes
Broswer-based UI:Yes
E-mail Notification:Yes
Wake up on LAN:Yes
Power management:Yes
Data Protection and Security:
Remote Replication:Yes
RAID Volume Encryption:Yes
UPS support:RS-232, USB
Battery Backup Module(Mini-UPS):-
Secure FTP Server:
Secure FTP Server:Yes
TFTP Server:
TFTP Server:Yes(Firmware v3.04.03 or above)
UPnP Discovery:
UPnP Discovery:Yes
Printer Server:
Printer Server:Yes
Media Servers:
Media Server:Yes
Photo Alburm Server:Yes
Downloan Manager (BT/FTP/HTTP):Yes
NZB Download:Yes
Network Security:
Active Directory Service:Yes
ACL (Sub Folder):Yes
Folder Quota:Yes(only for ZFS)
FTP Write access only for anonymous users:Yes(Firmware v3.04.03 or above)
User Quota:Yes(Firmware v5.00.04 or above)
Backup Server:
Client Side Backup Software:
  • Thecus Backup Utility
  • Acronis True Image Backup
Instant USB Backup:Yes
Bi-Directional USB Copy:Yes
Raid Volume Replication:Yes(Firmware v3.01.01 or above)
USB/eSATA Schedule Backup:Yes(Firmware v3.01.01 or above)
Apple Time Machine:Yes(Firmware v3.01.01 or above)
Rsync Backup:Yes
Windows Utility:
Setup Wizard:Yes
Backup Utility:
  • Thecus Backup Utility
  • Acronis True Image Backup
MAC OS X Utility:
Setup Wizard:Yes
Backup Utility:Thecus Backup Utility
Web Disk Mamagement:
Web Disk Mamagement:Yes
Simple Surveillance Server IP CAM / Web CAM:
Simple Surveillance Server IP CAM / Web CAM:IP CAM (MAX 5)
Supported Languages:
Supported Languages:
  • 13
  • (English, French, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russia, Polish,Portuguese,Turkish)
ISO mount:Yes
Recycle Bin:Yes
Web Server:Yes
User Module Interface:Yes
Mail Server:Yes
Auto Module Installation:Yes(Firmware v3.04.03 or above)
Mobile Applications:Thecus Dashboard /ThecusShare/Thecus Disk
HA (High Availability):-
Power Recovery:
Power Recovery:Yes
Concurrent Connections:
Concurrent Connections:256
Performance (NAS to 1 client):
Performance (NAS to 1 client):
  • Read: 112.68 MB/s
  • Write: 92.77MB/s
  • IOmeter 2006.07.27
  • (FW 5.00.04 above)
Acoustic Noise:
Acoustic Noise:44.4 dB (Hitachi 3.5
Power Consumption:
Power Consumption:
  • Standby:68W
  • (Hitachi 3.5" 1TB x4)
Power Supply:
Power Supply:
  • 1U4600S - Single power supply 100~240VAC,50/60Hz 200W
  • 1U4600R - Redundant power supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz 250W
Dimensions (mm)/(inch)::
  • 567.6
Weight (N.W. Kgs)/(lb):
Weight (N.W. Kgs)/(lb):
  • 1U4600S - 14.81
  • 1U4600R - 17.8